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Walk-In Refrigerators & Freezers

Any business owner, especially in the food industry, knows that well-running appliances are extremely important in keeping your business operating efficiently. When problems spring up with your commercial appliances it can be a huge setback.  The Appliance Repair Technology Experts are experienced in the installation, service and maintenance of all types of commercial refrigeration equipment.  Our experts provide prompt, dependable service, so you can meet all your commercial refrigeration and freezer needs.

The appliance repair technology experts that Baltimore trusts, we are the affordable solution to all of your commercial and residential appliance problems. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Common walk in cooler diagnostics and repairs

When your unit displays the following symptoms please be advised to call us. We have qualified techs to bring your cooler or freezer back to a working condition. Our experts periodically diagnose and repair the following system issues.

  • Slow fan operations
  • High room temperatures
  • Ice accumulation around evaporator
  • Defrost percentage
  • Ice in drain pan
  • Uneven coil frost
  • Compressor off
  • High discharge pressure
  • Low discharge pressure
  • High suction pressure
  • Low suction pressure
  • Low oil pressure
  • Open thermal protector

Walk in cooler preventive maintenance and schedule:

A proper maintenance schedule is recommended every 3 months to avoid a major break down. Some of the points we check include the following:

  • Unit cooler checkup
  • Air cooled condensing unit operation
  • evaporator coil blade check
  • Fan operation test
  • Noise and vibration check
  • Condenser operation check
  • Compressor sight glass for oil levels
  • Motor mounts
  • Moisture indicators
  • liquid line dryers

much more…

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