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Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer Service & Repair

It may be that the interior of the commercial refrigeration unit is too warm. Perhaps food is becoming too frozen or getting freezer burned. Perhaps the refrigerator has shut off completely. Modern commercial refrigeration is complicated. It requires a team of experts to locate the issue quickly. A broken fridge can mean spoiled food and lost money. Do not let expensive food and drinks spoil. Get in touch with the appliance repair technology experts’ team of specialists. We support a wide selection of commercial refrigeration units for businesses of all sizes large and small. Get instant service no matter where you are in Baltimore MD, Howard county MD or Washington DC

We can have a technician dispatched instantly to your restaurant, market or mini-mart. Get fast repairs for the best prices. Maintain your appliances working faithfully with the maintenance service which appliance repair technology experts trusts for each of their repairs.

Get in touch with the appliance repair technology experts professionals and be sure your unit is repaired perfectly. We do a full inspection to make sure your fridge is working right. Contact a team that understands what commercial customers want from their repair services.



Is there a recommended  temperature to place my refrigerator or freezer ?

In addition to maintaining your refrigerator and freezer at the ideal temperature, there are plenty of easy actions you can take to increase their lifespan and avoid the expense of repairs. Among other things, you can:

We recommend for you to check that the door seals entirely. If the fridge door doesn’t close completely, it’s working harder than it has to and this may wear out the compressor quicker.

We recommend to Clean out the condenser coils at least twice annually and clean the freezer vents. These collect dust, which also disrupts the refrigerator’s efficiency.

Try to keep your refrigerator full. Refrigerators need to be full to maintain low temperature, since the food inside absorbs the warm air that seeps in once the door is still open. If you’re a take-out most nights a week kind of person, it is a fantastic idea to store some water bottles in there which will have exactly the same effect.

Keeping your refrigeration unit at the right temperature is vital, not only because it keeps your food fresh and bacteria-free, but also since it keeps your refrigerator operating in prime form, making it less likely to need repair. 

We know that according to the Food and Drug Administration, refrigerators nee be kept at or below 40 F (4 C) and freezers — ideally – at 0 F (-18 C).


The appliance repair technology experts that Baltimore trusts, we are the affordable solution to all of your commercial and residential appliance problems. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Commercial Freezer Repair:  Howard County Md,Baltimore county Md and Washington DC

The very best thing about most commercial freezers is that they are constructed with top excellent technology in mind, and no matter what issues your freezer might have, you may be certain that your consumer experience is going to be nothing short of exemplary with us all of the time. We can get all kinds of spare parts your commercial freezer might need so that you won’t need to be concerned about being unable to fix it. As Soon as You contact us and get this support you can rest assured that you don’t have to get a different commercial freezer unit

With a great deal of expertise within this industry, committed professionals and also the very best tools available on the current market, we could definitely tackle all of your commercial refrigeration requirements at the moment.  Get the best commercial refrigeration repair on the current market, you won’t regret it! 

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