LG Refrigerator diagnostic mode:

How can you utilize clever identification on LG fridge?

Using Smart Diagnosis provides invaluable information for diagnosing and solving problems with Your LG Refrigerator appliance.

Lock the LG refrigerator controller panel by simply holding the lock button for 3 minutes.

After secured, open the ideal side of the LG fridge door.

Please remember the Smart Identification tag is situated in the top-right hinge of this device.

LG Refrigerator is Loud or noisy:

There could be something touching the condenser fan motor blade, or even the condenser fan motor bearings may be faulty. The condenser fan motor is generally located beneath the fridge near the trunk. you may have  to take out the rear  panel to see.

If the fridge is loud or noisy, particularly if one of the doorways are opened, both the evaporator or condenser fan blade could possibly be to blame.The evaporator fan blade in the  fridge section or in the freezer, located behind the rear panel. Furthermore, assess the condenser fan blade at the rear bottom of the fridge to establish whether it’s any obstacles.

Lately at one of our fixes, we LG compressor wasn’t kicking on and we couldn’t hear any relay sounds. The condenser fan was operating constantly. We pulled the OLP and obtained 0 ohms onto it, which we believe indicates it is still excellent. The compressor started with aloud knock, so we tested it, also did a diagnostic on the inverter board, however there were not any LED indications on the board. We had the LG Refrigerator compressor installed right away since we had it in our truck. 


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