Commercial Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair & Service

Commercial ice machines offer customers the brisk luxury of ice cold drinks all year. If you are having issues with your ice maker, whether it has stopped working, needs maintenance, or a replacement – Appliance Repair Technology Experts can help. We service and maintain all makes and models of commercial ice maker, freezer, and refrigerators. Our technicians are highly trained, and ready to help no matter what your appliance emergency.

Common commercial ice maker brands:

  • Ice o matic
  • Manitowok
  • Follet
  • Hoshizaki

Common commercial ice maker repairs

  • Refrigerant charge
  • Compressor overheating
  • Condensor motor
  • Evaporatorthermostor
  • Harvest probe
  • Harvest assist motor
  • Hot Gas valve
  • Shorted curtain switch.
  • Curtain alignment.
  • Condenser thermistor
  • Ambient air temperature.

General Ice maker service and diagnostics

  • Ice production low
  • Ice too large
  • Cloudy ice
  • Dimples on ice too large
  • over filling bin
  • Ice Machine noisy
  • Not harvesting Ice
  • compressor cuts on overload
  • compressor running, fan not running
  • high head presure
  • low suction presure

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